Meet the Bonus Mom


Analane Powell was born and raised along the Wasatch Front in Utah. She is the oldest of eight children. She has an Associate’s Degree from Utah Valley University and currently works full-time at  Brigham Young University in the athletic department.

She is blessed to have  “auntie” time with her nieces and a nephew.  She is always asked to have “girl time with Analane and no parents”.  She is very close to her nieces and nephew often being called their best friend.  Analane has been a mentor & bonus mom to several teenagers and has had much influence for good in their life.   At the age of 40, she thought she married the love of her life.  After being married for 7 months her husband’s three pre-teen daughters from his first marriage, due to undesirable circumstances in another state, moved in with them. Overnight she went from being a newly wed, to a full-time, working bonus mom financially supporting a husband and three young woman who were in crisis.  She became very close to those daughters. Unfortunately, after four and a half years of marriage she and her now ex-husband separated and by default of the first marriage, the daughters returned to live full-time with their mother. Fortunately their natural mother lives close and she still gets to spend time with the bonus daughters.  The divorce was final in 2017.

In her spare time, she enjoys riding her bike,  sewing, crafts and photography.  She recently participated in Bike MS where she conquered the 45 mile course like a warrior. She received 3 blue ribbons  at the Utah County Fair in 2016. She likes to travel. She has been to all but 9 of the US states. She was in Florida and got to witness the last space shuttle launch. She loves West Coast beaches and the Grand Cayman Islands. Someday she hopes to visit London. Her favorite color is purple.

Analane is an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She served a mission in the Oregon Portland Mission. She has held many leadership positions in her church with the youth and adult woman organizations. She is currently in a new assignment teaching the 4-5 year old children class and is loving it.   She also volunteers at the Provo City Center Temple and absolutely LOVES it.