Welcome to the Pearls of the Bonus Mom

cropped-20170509_1356531.jpgPearls.  Beautiful, classic, sturdy,  one of a kind pearls. They represent more than just a gem on a string.  They represent the transformation of an irritation or problem into a unique, beautiful work of art.  A pearl is created by an irritation, sand, or an undesirable mass inside a clam shell.  Through the process of nature, and with effort on the clam’s part, the clam turns the irritation into a beautiful gem.  These gems are proudly displayed and worn on rings,  earrings, strung together as necklaces and bracelets creating a valuable, unique piece of jewelry.

Through out our lives, we all have irritations and problems.  Some are easy to conquer, some will cut us to the very core.  Depending on the effort we put into the solution, the irritation or problem can become a beautiful part of our life, a pearl.  When you put the pearls of life together, we can make a beautiful life out of something that could have been ugly and harsh.

Through these experiences, we can become a precious pearl.  When we take all of our experiences together we also create a wonderful pearl of humanity.

This blog is about my personal journey of step-parenting and recovery of divorce. Turning difficult experiences into the pearls of my life.  I invite you to join me and discover ways to make your difficult experiences into the pearls of your life.

Analane Powell