The Pearl: Love Book Challenge Week 5–Beauty Beneath the Feathers

Today as I was walking along the nature trail on the BYU Campus, I noticed several ducks swimming in the stream.  Some were newlings, recently hatched.  Others were the mother ducks training these new animals in the way of there existence.  As I proceeded down the trail, I noticed a female mallard, cleaning her wings on the side of the stream.  Her feather on top were brown, not much to really look at.  However as continued to clean herself,  her wings fanned opened showing off beautiful, colored patterns of blue, brown, black and white feathers hidden by the mask of the first layer of brown wings.

As we walk the paths of life, we come across people who are very similar to this female duck.  From the outside, they may look plain, old, ordinary, or just blend in and we do not give them a second glance.  But underneath that shell, is a remarkable person who has remarkable talents and lived a remarkable life. By stopping and learning about the person without pretense, we will see the beautiful colors and the things that make them amazing.

This week’s writing challenge is has two parts.   Notice someone around you who may appear ordinary. Discover what beauty lies underneath their feathers and write about it.  What beauty lies beneath your layer of feathers that others may not see easily?




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