Pearl Post: Just Keep Singing


A couple of weeks ago at the conclusion of  visitation time with my oldest bonus daughter, I was driving her to her church youth group activity.  We were driving along and our “theme song” came on.   The song “The Climb” represents in every way the journey she and her sisters share with me.  The lyrics are very real and personal to us. Every time this song comes on the radio, including this very moment as I was driving,  we crank up the music and we sing it as loud and with as much feeling of heart as we can.  This song is special to us and at times we even call it “holy”.   This particular day it was a warm day, so our windows were rolled down, the wind was in our hair and we were singing with as much gusto as we could.

As we were driving, singing our song,  we came to an intersection where we came to a stop.  The cars on the right of us had their windows rolled up, and couldn’t hear us signing.  We continued to sing.  As we were waiting for our turn to cross through the intersection, a car full of teenage approved cute boys pulled up to the right side of the car.  Their car windows were down and they could hear us.  As we belted out at the top of our lungs, the boys in the front seat gave us a crazy look and rolled up their windows.  The boy in the back seat then rolled down his back window and started talking to us.  We couldn’t hear him so I turned off the radio and asked him to repeat himself.  He said “Gals, just keep singing. Its beautiful. Just keep singing”.   We nodded and smiled and continued to sing.  Then took our turn through the intersection.  We laughed all the way to her church group.  As she left my car she says, “there’s a message in this. Blog about it”.

The message is just keep singing.  Regardless of what is happening around you and whether or not they approve. Just keep singing.  When life isn’t going the way you want.  Just keep singing.   A song and a good friend will pull you through the life storm.  Just keep singing. Just Keep Singing.

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