The Pearl: Love Book Challenge Week 4

Out of Ashes, Come Blessings


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The Provo Tabernacle was is an ICON in the city I live.  It was originally built in 1882 and was used as a meeting place for both religious and community affairs. (history of the Provo Tabernacle) The Provo Tabernacle was a beloved building to me and my family as we had attended plays, concerts, church meetings, graduations and much more in this building.  (Click here to see a fact sheet)

Image result for provo tabernacle Aftermath of the fire at Provo Tabernacle 01

In December 2010, a crew setting up a Christmas Musical set a lighting lamp too close to wood cinders in the tabernacle causing a major fire, destroying the entire inside of this historical moment leaving just a shell.  The community was devastated.  People crowded the streets crying as they watched the tabernacle burn.  After the fire was out, a memorial service for the building was held.  We all felt like a piece of the community had been lost.  Now came the task to sort through the debris, and a decision to be made.  Do they tear town the building, or do they restore and rebuild.

In October 2011, the LDS Church (owners of the building) announced that they would rebuild the building.  But instead of restoring it to a tabernacle, it would be made into a magnificent temple.   It took on major engineering marvels to keep the original structure and build it into a temple.  However, in January 2016 it open for tours. The church dedicated the Building on March 20, 2017 and then it opened for temple work.  The beloved building, which was good before, because of the fire became a blessing and marvel. (Article about building of the new Provo City Center Temple-formerly Tabernacle)

This has stood as a personal message to me.  My life had some great moments both as a single person, and a married person.  The divorce was a big “fire of my life”.  However, I have had some amazing things happen because of the divorce and I feel I am much better and more improved as a person because of it.

For this week’s challenge, write about any blessings, experiences, growth, that you have experienced that came from the ashes and fires of your life.




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